A Brief Guide to Office Reinstatement

Are you shifting your business to somewhere else? If yes, you might be looking to plan and hand over the building to its owner in the actual state. Many reinstatement contractors in Singapore are offering professional services for office reinstatement. You can hire an experienced contractor at affordable rates, and let the team do its job. Before that, you might need to read this article to get all the know-how of the reinstatement procedure.

What is Office Reinstatement?

Office reinstatement is the process of handing back the office premise to the owner in the same state that was in the beginning. This condition usually happens at the expiration of your lease or when you are moving to the new office. This allows new clients to rent the office conveniently. When this reinstatement is done, the new clients might perform some renovations in the office according to the needs. The complexity of this reinstatement depends on the extent of the original remodel. This can be a very complicated process, that is why you can hire an office reinstatement contractor.

Importance of Office Reinstatement:

The main importance of office reinstatement is to have a full deposit returned to you and the owner can lease the space to another client. For successful reinstatement, this involves working with multiple stakeholders to meet your agreement and also obey the regulations of building management. The most important thing is that the building management may not be the property of the landlord. Your landlord and building management may have certain requirements. These prerequisites can be understood by hiring a professional contractor who recognizes these essential details.

What steps are included in Office Reinstatement?

Many steps needed to be done during office reinstatement. Some of them include:

Removal of all electrical & data components

This includes the removal of the distribution board and the junction boxes.  This step also includes the removal of lighting points, power points, data points, telephone points, and cables.

Removal of all partitions and false ceiling

During the initial settlement of businesses, they divide the workspace into parts for operational reasons. All such modifications must be removed and restored as they were in the original state.

Restoring all fire safety equipment to the original positions

All the sprinkles and fire detectors that were changed during the ownership must be restored.

Demolition of all add-on masonry works

All the brick tiles, floor tiles, wall ties, etc need to be removed and all the affected areas must be patched up and made to a good condition that will be acceptable.

Removal of doors, windows, curtains, and blinds

All the doors, door frames, windows, and soft furnishing must be removed. All the screw holes and damaged structural members need to be patched up.

Removal of all add-on plumbing components

All the existing pipes must remain in good working condition. The tenants only remove those components that are newly installed.

Removal of all add-on fire safety components

All the fire safety components installed by the company need to be removed.

Removal of all furniture items

All the loose items such as tables, chairs, etc need to be removed. This will also include the removal of built-in furniture and office system furniture.

Painting all walls and ceiling to their original color

All the walls and the ceilings must be painted to keep it easy for the people.

Look out for a reputable office reinstatement contractor!

Hiring a reputable and experienced office reinstatement contractor helps you to prevent the legal fees and costs to remodel the office if the requirements are not carried out.

An experienced contractor can communicate with the management on your behalf and fully understand the requirements listed in the contract.

A good reinstatement contractor completes all the necessary conditions and project with a joint projection, then deliver it to the owner. This process is quite simple and the client can receive the deposit back.

Hiring a contractor informs you to follow the legal steps during the office reinstatement, advises you what to do, and you can cut the costs involved

All the contractors are not the same, their experience level is different with a tight deadline to return the project to the owner.

How to choose an office reinstatement contractor?

Following are the guidelines for hiring a professional reinstatement contractor:

Experience and familiar with requirements

A contractor with the knowledge of the requirements can efficiently reinstate the office. Hire an experienced contractor who has works in the same area.

Skilled and qualified workers

Some reinstatement works such as concrete structure, electrical works, dismantling of water sprinkles, and air conditioners need specific skills and qualifications. A properly trained, skilled, and qualified workers can do such complicated tasks.

A contractor with a reliable team

A contractor with a reliable and experienced team is important to ensure that the reinstatement work is completed before the deadline.

A contractor with good industrial practices

The main guideline is the responsible contractor with excellent industrial practices. Proper disposal of the frame and the unwanted objects are necessary for preventing fines and punishments. For reinstatement, use quality materials to prevent complaints. A responsible contractor always maintains positive and steady communication with the owner.


You can discuss all the details of the process with the contractor, decide the timeframe, and agree on mutual terms. However, you should do all the legal work with them as well, so you can avoid a hassle in the future.

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